18-20 may



international bread festival


Gentil Verde’s idea, although simple, is one that addresses a fundamental need: to bring the “bread revolution” onto the “playing field”, to the earth that it comes from; to gather bread-makers here on our fields so that our common lifeblood can flow freely and we can share and consolidate good practices, through three days of exchange and learning.

about us

The Gentil Verde was founded in 2017 with the intention of recovering some of the values of a traditional rural culture seemingly more and more forgotten.

Our name stems from a work philosophy which is also a “poetics” of work very dear to us. The Italian word ‘verde’ – literally ‘green’ – also translates as countryside and nature so our name means, on the one hand, living nature, immersed in nature, on behalf of nature; and, on the other, working with kindness and gentleness throughout all the phases of the agricultural supply chain.

Our farm business preserves and respects the earth and its animals and produces authentically typical local foods, deeply connected to the area of the Marche Region.

We cultivate our lands with exclusively organic and sustainable methods that enhance biodiversity. The varieties of grains and legumes that we sow on our 50 hectares are carefully selected with a preference for those antique grains that are healthier, more easily digestible and have higher nutritional value. From our raw materials – grains and dried legumes – we obtain stone-ground flours with which we make breads and oven baked goods.

We also gather spontaneous wild fruits and flowers from the area, which we use to make special jams and juices. Having a direct relationship with our clientele is fundamental to our way of working because we believe this is an enrichment for all concerned, every day.

We organize cultural and social events, trying to nurture both body and mind and desiring to cultivate and promote beauty.

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