In recent years we have been witnessing the so-called “bread revolution”: many Italian bread-makers have focused their craft on carefully researching flours and methods of bread-making to guarantee healthy, tasty and well-balanced nourishment thanks to the use of antique grains and long leavening times, mindful of age-old traditions.

Gentil Verde’s idea, although simple, is one that addresses a fundamental need: to bring this revolution onto the ‘playing field’, to the earth that it comes from;to gather bread-makers here on our fields so that our common lifeblood can flow freely and we can share and consolidate good practices.
On our all-female farm, on our land, in the hills of the Marche, in Acqualagna, we are organizing and hosting PANORAMIKA, the International Bread Festival to be held in May, the month when our grains are blooming and in full swing.

The festival will be for an entire weekend, will be international and aims at creating a valuable place in which to get to know other bread-makers, where insiders and expert bread-making artisans can exchange knowledge and where consumers – who have become more and more curious and aware – have an opportunity to explore bread-making in greater depth.

Producers will roll up their sleeves to get their hands in the dough together and our most loyal customers can participate in tastings and workshops.

Another important goal we aim for is to create a more authentic link between the bread-making world and that of restaurateurs: a true knowledge of the whole supply chain is still needed to give the due importance to quality bread even, and especially, in top cuisine. Indeed, it is precisely because ‘knowledge of and from the field’ is sometimes neglected that organizing a festival like this on a farm is essential so that agricultural techniques and issues can be discussed and shared directly where they happen.

We need all of your help and your support which are and will be absolutely crucial for organizing this festival, the first of its kind in Italy!

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