how to reach us

The event can only be reached by car, motorcycle or bicycle: public transportation cannot be used.

By car:

If you are coming from the north or from the Adriatic side

  • take the A 14 (Bologna – Ancona ) with exit Fano
  • take the freeway to Rome with exit Furlo Acqualagna
  • continue in the direction of Piobbico until the locality Abbadia di Naro
  • from there proceed in the direction of Il Gentil Verde

For those coming from the Tyrrhenian area

  • cross part of Umbria with the E 45 freeway
  • head towards Gubbio and Fano, crossing the Apennines

By train:

  • Pesaro station 54 km
  • Fano station 42 km

A car or cab is always necessary to then reach the event

By plane:

  • Ancona: Raffaelo Sanzio 63 km
  • Rimini: Federico Fellini 76 km
  • Perugia: S. Francesco D’assisi 93 km
  • Bologna: Guglielmo Marconi 210 km

where to stay

Torre Colombara di Frontino:
Distance 1,5 km
Info and reservations:

Agriturismo del Frontino:
Distance 2 km
Info e reservations:

Casa Vinto:
Distance 4,5 Km
Info e reservations:

Casale di Naro:
Distance 4,5 km
Info e reservations:

Agriturismo I Conti:
Distance 6 km

Agriturismo Pieve del Colle:
Distance 7 km

Agriturismo Ca’ le Suore
Distance 10 Km
Info e prenotazioni:

Agriturismo Valle Nuova 
Distanza 10 km

Agriturismo Orsaiola:
Distance 11 km

Agriturismo Slowcanda:
Distance 14 km


il Gentil Verde soc.agr.s.s
Via Frontino, 21
61041 Acqualagna (PU)
P.IVA 02635080415
n°REA PS-197520

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